Gourmet dip mixes retail, and wholesale dip mixes by Judecraft Specialty Foods. Thank you for visiting our web site for an outstanding selection of  gourmet dip mixes, wholesale dip mixes, dessert mixes, olive oil blends.

Judecraft  offers delicious dip mixes for on line ordering along with free shipping on certain deal packs. We are currently offering sales specials  on dip mixes.

Our gourmet dip mixes are original recipes by Judi. The recipes include her "Original" Garlic Butter olive oil blend for bread dipping and/or cooking. Judecraft offers the most delicious and original gourmet dip mixes, as well as new exciting dip mix flavors such as Cucumber - Dill, Chili, and more.

Our customer appreciation sale special for gourmet dip mixes in progress until further notice.

Our Pepper Jack dip mix, Cucumber dip mix and Birthday cake dessert mix are all on sale for only $1.50 each retail.

Please visit Judi's Blog on this site and Judecraft  Specialty Foods on Facebook for gourmet dip mixes and dip mix recipes.


Be certain to take advantage of our  "Special Deal Packs". This is where you can purchase specific combinations of dip mixes, no bake dessert mixes, olive oil blends at a reduced cost and receive free shipping as well. Once you place an order for a deal pack with free shipping, any additional dip mixes also ship free.


The wholesale dip mixes program is designed for those interested in selling their own dip mixes.

We offer a pro active wholesale dip mixes program. We supply wholesale dip mixes at a lower cost per package so our customers will be more profitable. 


Why pay more when you can pay much less.

We have also reduced the wholesale order requirements to (50) packages minimum for  the total order. Customers can mix and match flavors that total at least (50) packages.


Please inquire about wholesale cocktail drink mixes, drink rimmers, dry packaged salsa, wholesale soup mixes along with several other specialty food products.



Our Fundraising dip mixes program is very unique and profitable. The fundraising dips program provides customers additional income and at the same time helps the organization make LARGE profits We can help with fundraiser order forms, explain how easy, fun, and profitable fundraising dip mixes can be.

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Our ingredient suppliers have up to date quality food allergy awareness programs in effect. Food allergens are identified, stored and processed in the safest manner. This prevents / reduces the risk of cross contamination. Our product shopping carts will specify  the ingredients of each gourmet dip mix to assure that Judecraft dip mixes are of the highest quality. This ultimately provides the consumer with important ingredient  information. The same finest quality seasonings are always used resulting in consistent gourmet dip mixes such as color, texture, and taste.

While most of our products  fall in the gluten free category, they are not processed in a gluten free facility. Consequently, we cannot certify that they are gluten free. If any questions please  contact us.


                FULL COURSE DINNER:


Begin the evening with a cheeseball  or gourmet dip appetizer, Also try our Bruschetta mix on toasted bread with diced tomatoes, or try one of the olive oil bread dips. For the main course use Judi's "Original" Garlic Butter olive oil blend for the best tasting shrimp scampi or scallop dinner. The ideas and recipes become endless. Complete the dinner with a slice of delicious no bake cheesecake pie and an after dinner cocktail.

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