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Wholesale Dip Mixes and Retail Dip Mixes by Judecraft Specialty Foods. Thank you for visiting our website for an outstanding selection of wholesale dip mixes, dessert mixes, olive oil dips. Our Gourmet Dip Mixes are also available by ordering via our retail online shopping cart, at events we do all year long or feel free to email or contact us by phone. Judecraft Dip Mixes are unique. Judecraft dip mix recipes were developed by the owner Judi Bourne and continue to be household favorites.  The biggest seller is still Judi's " Original" Garlic Better Blend" which she developed many years ago when she was one of the few dip mix companies featuring this flavor. Many have attempted to reproduce the original Judecraft Garlic Butter flavor over the years with questionable results. The "original" Garlic Butter Blend still remains the number one seller for Judecraft Specialty Foods.

NEWEST SAVORY DIP MIX FLAVOR: Italian Cheese & Tomato. All our gourmet dip mixes are made with the finest quality ingredients.


Please take a moment to review Judecraft's wholesale dip mixes and fundraising dip mixes programs. The wholesale dip mixes program is designed to provide increased dip mixes with greater per package savings. We provide a lower cost, superb taste, and low minimum order requirements of only (50) package total with any combination of flavors that total (50). The Judecraft wholesale dip mixes program will enable you to increase your sales and profits. Our Fundraising dips program has also proven to be very successful for those interested in coordinating various fundraisers for additional income. The Fundraising program is also is ideal for raising revenue for schools, clubs, churches, organizations, etc.

Judecraft has been in business for more than 16 years offering top quality gourmet dip mixes. dessert mixes, olive oil bread dippers. We also continue to release new delicious flavors. Our newest flavor: Italian Cheese & Tomato Dip Mix with additional new flavors coming soon. For additional details click on the wholesale dip mixes page link below. Judi's " Original" Garlic Butter Blend continues to be our Number One seller. Learn how you can make many delicious meals including shrimp scampi and other delicious treats such as Garlic Bread, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, etc. 

Visit our wholesale  page  at   www.judecraftspecialtyfoods.com/wholesale_dipmixes.html


Retail Dip Mixes can be ordered via our shopping cart online. Order delicious gourmet dip mixes, dessert mixes, or olive oil bread dippers/ cooking blends. We currently have some deal packs that offer free shipping. Some deal packs have lower pricing when combined several flavors or groups.

Visit our Deal Packs page for additional savings for Garlic Butter, Gourmet Dip Mixes, and Dessert Mixes.

Deal Pack No. 29 NEW-  Receive our (8) newest flavors on our deals pack page.

*Note  Our Dip Mix products are now available for purchase locally at The Crimson Lion Store which is located: 360 North Westfield Street Unit 6 Feeding Hills, MA 01030   They are open Tuesday - Saturday  11:00 AM- 6 PM   PH. 413-209-8496

VISIT US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.niftybuttons.com/black/facebook.png


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