1. SUAGR FREE :Wine Blizzard Merlot
SUAGR FREE :Wine Blizzard Merlot
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SUAGR FREE :Wine Blizzard Merlot

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Sugar free for those that prefer no sugar
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The Sugar Free Wine Blizzard was a take off from our first Wine blizzard. The one thing that separates this mix from the original wine blizzard is no sugar.

* As a frozen slush drink, a popular method is using a blender. To make use 3/4 to a full 750 ml  bottle of red dry wine such as Merlot. Add one package of the mix and fill the rest of the blender with ice. Blend Smooth. Yields (7) 8 oz. delicious drinks.
Check for sugar free wines or sugar free sodas.
Please see other drink recipe options on the label.