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Wholesale Dip Mixes Program


Wholesale dip mixes program by Judecraft Specialty Foods. Judecraft offers the finest gourmet dip mixes wholesale. Our wholesale dip mixes not only provide the finest taste, but are also competitively priced. As we know, it is not always about the lowest cost as other factors must be considered. Gourmet dip mixes are no different. As an example, the dip cost at dollar type stores will be much less. There are dip mixes out there that could cost less, however their consistency and taste may be of lesser quality. We recommend you taste test dip mix products before attaching your company name and reputation.

With a inferior tasting dip, sales are lower and profits down. At Judecraft we offer the top combination of delicious taste and lower package cost. As a result, your sales are greater, profits rise, and your reputation as a dip mix company will be the best around. Customers will mention that they came to the fair just to buy your dips. We hear that all the time.

Contact Judi for dip mix samples and a quote.If you desire the ultimate combination of  quality taste at a  lower cost, Judecraft will be your choice. We will never pressure you to purchase more as your comfort level is most important.


Wholesale dip mixes by Judecraft are available for starting or supplementing your gourmet dip mixes business. The wholesale dip mixes program offers the following benefits:


Why pay more when you can pay less. Make a greater profit for yourself.


 With our gourmet dip mixes you will receive flavors that contain the  finest ingredients and ultimate taste. Judecraft gourmet dip mixes have a consistent texture, color and taste. As a result there is never a need to worry that the dips appear different each time and a hope that the flavor is correct.  We are continually advised at events our dip mixes are the finest tasting. Customers keep returning for more.

Judecraft's original dip mix recipes have been offered for several years and we continue to add only top quality new flavors.  The adage:  " quality not quantity", still rings true.  We stand alone as our "Original Garlic Butter" and Bruschetta Olive Oil blends have set a benchmark with others still trying to duplicate their taste. 


(50) Dip Mixes are considered to be a minimum wholesale dip mix order for obtaining the lowest package cost .The flavors can be combined as long as the net total is at least (50) packages .


We understand how important on time delivery is to our customers. Provided we receive adequate notice we pledge to ship orders on time to our customers.

you started on your own gourmet dip mixes business. We have many years of experience. All we require is for you to purchase our products. We will help you be successful selling America's finest gourmet dip mixes. Why sell an inferior tasting product when you can sell the finest tasting. No need to worry whether the dip mixes look different every time they arrive. We use the only the finest ingredients, which results in consistent finish dip mix products  such as  color, texture and taste. Realize increased sales with the best tasting dip mixes in America.


No franchise fees ever. Order as you require. You are now already off to a great start with the finest gourmet dip Call us anytime day or night. We will help as needed to get mixes available


Feel free to use your own company label for the packages. We will provide all the ingredient information and weights for each flavor to meet food industry standards.


A full line of gourmet dip mixes, dessert mixes, olive oil bread dips. These gourmet mixes are original family recipes


 NEW- We are now offering additional products wholesale. Along with wholesale dip mixes, we also offer several new exciting specialty foods such as gourmet soup mixes, salsa, jams, and wine slush drink mixes.  We sell to gift shops, farm stands, specialty shops, markets, gift basket suppliers etc. Feel free to inquire about the following products for wholesale or fundraising opportunities.

*Wholesale Cocktail Drink mixes/ rimmers

*Wholesale Soup Mixes

 *Wholesale Wine Slush mixes

*Wholesale Fruit Salsa

*Wholesale dry packed Salsa mix

*Wholesale Specialty Salsa

*Wholesale Jams and Condiments

*Wholesale BBQ Sauces

We are looking for individuals to sell our products at craft shows, flower shows, home parties, schools, church bazaars, fundraisers, local community drives , retail stores, etc. 

When you contact us we will further explain how you can increase your income with minimum up front cost, selling our products.

We also offer a fundraising dip mixes program that will enable yourself and/or the fundraising organization/s an excellent opportunity for raising funds. Earn up to 50% profit or more. Visit our fundraising / dip mixes website at www.fundraisingdipmixes.com 

For additional information: Contact: Judi at 413-592-7892 or email at: az66cowgirl@charter.net

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