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We welcome you to our website. You have reached America's finest selection of wholesale dip mixes including retail gourmet 

dip mixes, cheesecake dessert mixes, and olive oil blends. Our dip mix products can be purchased wholesale by contacting 

us directly or ordering retail via our safe and secure store SSL shopping cart by clicking on the  BUY NOW button.

If your complete order is at least $50.00  use the couponcode: discount10 for a 10% discount.

Our online shopping cart is set up for choosing any or all of the four gourmet dip mix options. 

Once on the store page, feel free to purchase dip mixes, dessert mixes, olive oil blends, or Deal Packs. for excellent savings.  Our newest dessert

mix creation, Tropical Fruit only $2.95 each is available as Deal Pack # 30 or purchase separately. Our dip mix recipes are all original, as we

are often advised that they are all the most delicious tasting as customers attend events to purchase their favorite dip mix flavors at our booth. Judecraft Dip Mixes, Dessert Mixes, Olive Oil Blends are available for Fundraising as well.

Our wholesale dip mixes program offers a wide selection for those interested in supplementing their income by selling gourmet dip mixes. 

Judecraft dip mixes are sold to wineries, gift shops, craft stores, specialty shops, etc. 

Our wholesale dip mixes program offers low minimums, excellent pricing, and quality. 

Please visit our wholesale dip mixes page for additional information and contact us with questions as it would be our pleasure to serve

                      CLICK  FOR OUR >>   Gift Certificate Sale  





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