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  • Dip Mixes: Order Here Dip Mixes: Order Here
    Judecraft gourmet dip mixes are awesome. Typically add sour cream/ and mayonnaise (or yogurt) for a yield of 2 cups of delicious flavor. Many great flavors to choose from.
  • Dessert Mixes-Order Here Dessert Mixes-Order Here
    Dessert Mixes are fabulous! Make a No- Bake Cheesecake in moments. Fill a pie shell with one of numerous delicious flavors available. Make cheeseballs. Directions are easy to follow.
  • Olive Oil Blends -Order Here Olive Oil Blends -Order Here
    You are in for a treat. Garlic Butter blend makes a shrimp scampi dinner as good as the best restaurant among several other uses. Brushetta is another gem.
  •  Deal Packs-Order Here Deal Packs-Order Here
    Be certain to check out current DEAL PACKS for excellent savings on various items that will save a few dollars and offers free shipping on certain deals
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